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Unsure of where to start? We know that navigating the world of financial planning can feel overwhelming and daunting. At FSWM we offer an uncomplicated approach with transparency at each stage of your journey.

We guide you throughout, from planning your finances based on what is important to you to investment strategies aligned to your goals.

Financial Advisor London

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services help provide direction and meaning to your financial decisions. Helping you to make financial decisions based on an overall strategy, to support you with your short and long term goals.

Financial Advisor London

Wealth Management

With an independent approach to investment management, we provide you with recommendations and an investment strategy bespoke to your requiremets. Build a strategy based on your whole finances or one area or objective.

More than just a Financial Planner

At FSWM we’re more than just your financial planners. When you join FSWM you join our exclusive community of professional individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners, all working towards securing their wealth.

We offer sound, simple advice, to help you determine what you need, considering the stage of your journey you’re at and your goals for the future.

We’re on a mission to disrupt the traditional wealth management model and believe our expertise combined with our community sets us apart from other wealth managers.

It starts with you

We work with you to understand your specific circumstances and what you want to achieve.

Our planning and strategic recommendations are always based on your individual needs and circumstances.


Not only do you get direct access to your financial advisor, but we are independent, meaning we can develop a personalised investment strategy that’s right for you.

We prioritise your needs without the bias of external parties.

Our Community

With FSWM you get access to our extensive event programme and the opportunity to network with our diverse community and strategic partners.

Giving you the opportunity to invest in your future in more ways than one.

Our Story

We were founded in 2024, by Francesca ‘Frankie’ Smith, who through her advisory work and membership club realised many people weren’t getting access to the financial planning support they needed.

We’re passionate about giving you the opportunity to invest in your future and our ethos of ‘making your money work as hard as you do to earn it’ is at the heart of everything we do.

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